Thursday, February 1, 2018

1d6 Black Men of Carcosa

Part of my d120 random Carcosan Backgrounds project. If you come up with any cool ideas for backgrounds, leave 'em in the comments below!

The Black Men of Carcosa, when set on fire, do not stop being on fire. They rarely notice the extremes of heat and cold at all. The engenders with them a variety of cultural quirks.

1 - Raptor Clan Raider
Your tribe would set themselves aflame and then bear down upon the enemy. You violated the ancient taboo against fighting your own on fire, and were cast out.

Starting Equipment
  • Scimitar with Asbestos Hilt: 1d6 damage, 1d8 when red hot.
  • Targe with Asbestos Handle: +3 AC
  • 3d12 T-Rex Teeth
  • Pet Velociraptor: Enthusiastic and doggishly devoted. 1HD, 1d6 damage bite.

2 - Wrathful Incarnation
You are a holy man; that you have spent the last 12 years on fire is proof enough of your faith. It is your job, by fear, intimidation, and violence, to lead your people to enlightenment.

Starting Equipment
  • Fireproof Loin Cloth
  • Kapala For Drinking Blood
  • Ceramic Begging Bowl
  • A Terrifying Reputation

3 - Night Rider Executioner
You collect metal armor. You also collect traitors. You put one in the other and set it all alight, watching the slow, screaming death. If the crime is slight enough, you can contain your enthusiasm to a single limb.

Starting Equipment
  • Double Crossbow: 1d6 damage, 20 bolts. Both triggers can be fired simultaneously.
  • Night Rider War Helm
  • Steel Cuirass, Gauntlets & Greeves
  • Shackles

4 - Black Star Company Scavenger
The space aliens made many fireproof devices. It's your job to find and collect them; the nomads pay a mint for this stuff.

Starting Equipment
  • Enormous Toolkit Backpack
  • Scanner: Detects space alien wrecked ships up to 3 miles away.
  • Bolt Pistol: 1d20 damage, bullets explode in 5 foot burst, 5 shots left.

5 - Traveling Barber
Your own kind usually shaves bald because burning hair smells horrid. Given the lack of material, you've had to venture farther to pursue your passion.

Starting Equipment
  • Space Alien Hair Dryer: 73/100 battery hours left.
  • Folding Stool
  • Grooming Kit w/ Small Mirror
  • An Abundance of Mustache Wax

6 - Tsarian Boar Hunter
No creatures is more cunning or more savage then the arctic boar. You hunt them all the same. You're always looking for weapons that can pierce their thick hides without vaporizing the psychotropic organs.

Starting Equipment
  • Snow Googles
  • Harpoon Gun: 1d8 damage, harpoon attached to rope.
  • Sleep Gas Grenade: 20 foot burst, make CON check or fall asleep.

Teach them wisdom through terror.

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