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SEA BREAK - Families of Trang Chu

Trang Chu is built by a shrine to Sri Sovarsi, tributary of Annam. At its height the town bustled with merchants from up and down river, selling most anything. Now the market is held weekly, and few come.

Choose or roll a townsperson to be related to:

  1. Atma, Tevi, Kartini
  2. Sampa Suri, Stokers, Bram
  3. Jamella, Asheara, Meshif
  4. Cho, Umi
  5. Kaelan
  6. Sovan
  7. Phirun
  8. Vyo Mang
  9. Ketut
  10. Haji


Runs the rest house. De-facto mayor. 'Don't make me get Atma' will make just about everyone reconsider what they're doing.

Dara's second daughter. Calm and protective. A competent hunter and tracker. Often stands watch as town guard.

Dara's first daughter. Smug and headstrong. Very tactical, not very tactful. Often stands watch as town guard.


Sampa Suri
Richest woman in town. Owns an apiary and makes beautiful candles. Either yelling, smoking, or both. Insists you call her by her full name.

Sampa Suri's second son. In his early 50s. Carpenter extraordinaire. Short and jovial. Drinks and smokes a lot. 

Sampa Suri's first son. In his late 50s. Carpenter extraordinaire. Tall and jovial. Also drinks and smoke a lot.

Sampa Suri's maid. Easily spooked. Usually tending tending Sampa Suri's shop. Her right hand is a hook, which she still struggles with.


Local butcher. Shares a shop with Thirit. Loves exercise and can bench press you. Has a pet boar.

Local baker. Shares a shop with Jamella. Dreamy and prone to flights of fancy. Always interested in baking something bigger.

Wandering merchant. Jamella's uncle. Collects oddities and curios. Comes back to town once every 2 or 3 months.


Itinerant priest who minds the river shrines. Ventures up and down the river to make sure all are attended to. Jolly and barely under 4 feet. Accompanied by Tim and Tam, his guard geese.

Cho's grand daughter. Shrine maiden to the village river shrine - a job which frequently makes her very angry. Has a very low opinion on spirits.


Village blacksmith. Laughs so loud the entire village can hear him. Says he was raised by lions, which is like a tiger but all brown.


Art by Mun Kao

Boisterous town tough. A competent fisherman, when he can be convinced to leave the bar. Claims to have once fought a crocodile 10 feet long.


Town drunk. Drags himself back home from the bar every evening. Widely suspected as a cheat at cards.


Vyo Mang
Works at the general store. A formerly a con man from the Yellow City. Usually surly. Bickers constantly with Ketut.

Works at the general store. Always gives you a candy with your purchase. Bickers constantly with Moch.


A mischievous youth. Has an excellent nose for roots and vegetables. Great shot with a blow gun - a skill he uses to annoy more often than hunt.


A beautiful witch. One day her shack appeared outside of town, fully built. She never lets anyone in, and is rarely seen.

Ruby's one eyed cat. Frequently seen around town. No child has ever managed to catch her tail.

Ruby's apprentice. Eager to please but very nervous. Rarely seen outside Ruby's hut.

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