Monday, December 18, 2017

The Colors of Carcosa

Carcosa, as is widely known, possess two additional primary colors: feverish, voluptuous jale and wild, painful ulfire. Ulfire combined with blue produces somnolent, astral dolm. Living upon a world with but one sun*, you and I have never seen these colors, but by closing our eyes estimations may be made.

Put your head in your hands and scrunch your face. That roiling, flashing magenta black is ulfire, like a purple thunderhead within.

Go outside on a cold day and lay down, closing your eyes at the sky. That is the stygian blue of dolm, darker than black, yet with the faint glow of starlight.

Touch your nose to a bright white screen and close your eyes. That is how the swirling brightness of jale will reveal itself to you. The color is even clearer in your dreams.

Below is a representation of the Carcosan Color Wheel, though the significant colors of white, black and transparent fall outside its purview.

*Which is important. During an eclipse of Carcosa's blue sun jale and ulfire can't be seen. During an eclipse of the yellow sun, the same occurs for red and yellow.

A few notes:

1. You probably have your own interpretations, but these are mine. And yeah, the patterns for dolm, jale and ulfire are metaphorical rather than literal. If I wanted to paint minis, ulfire would have purple lightning nets, dolm would look like stars and space, and jale can stay as is.

2. Yeah, jale is rainbow sherbert. I am happy that my favorite flavor of ice cream is a primary color.

3. I'm using RYB color model, since the source material says jale and ulfire are new primary colors, and compares them to yellow, red and blue. I actually made a different chart that uses CMY (where I ditch brown and add cyan), but that fucks with the line "Dolm stands in the same relation to jale as green to red. It is a compound of ulfire and blue," since red and green are no longer opposites. In this chart, the opposing colors are all accurate.

4. Even ulfire! What color is less wild and painful then brown? I was delighted by that coincidence.

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