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The Men of Carcosa

When those tall grey-skinned beings we call aliens came to Carcosa, it was to do battle with the foul evil of the snakemen. Each was a warrior, born for battle, their genomes packed with cunning weapons and their hands bristling with high technology. They came down in space ships and drop pods and powered armor, and the weapon the snakemen answered with was flesh. For they already knew how to call and bind things from beyond the void, and to this end they bred their captured foes into thirteen breeds, segregated by skin color, to further enhance the potency of their sacrifices.

Their results have survived them. Their enforced breeding programs are gone, and man's genome is free to roam. Heavy inbreeding has led each of the races of man to find strange gifts in their blood from their heavenly ancestors, who, were they to see us now, would no doubt roll in their stasis pods at the monsters we've become.

The following is a list of men and their corresponding mutations.

All Men

First and foremost, the men of Carcosa were bred to be sacrificed. At 5 years old Carcosans are twice as effective sacrifices, and at 10, thrice. Carcosan rituals have already accounted for this.

No color can interbreed with any other, but these hardy hues grant advantage on saves made against radiation.

Black Men

Black men take no damage from fire. Instead, they catch aflame until put out, and can stay on fire indefinitely. This immunity does not apply to lava, lasers, or molten metal.

When not on fire, black men are strangely sticky to the touch. They seldom notice extremes of heat or cold, and seem comfortable in most climes.

Blue Men

With a touch and an INT check, blue men intuitively understand the purpose of electronic technology. While in contact they may transfer their mind into the machine, commanding it as they would their own flesh, while their own body goes into a coma.

AIs may contest this process, and require a CHA check to overcome. They then require an additional CHA check every turn to contain, lest they escape into the blue man's body. Each new check gives the blue man a cumulative +1 to contain that AI.

Bone Men

The flesh of bone men is completely transparent, revealing only their white skeletons. If exposed to light by day they phosphoresce come night, each man shining his own pale neon. One hour of daylight makes their bones shine all night long. Bone men can see equally well in sun light, star light, or bone light, and gain advantage on saves against broken bones.

Brown Men

Strange exceptions to the rules of men, brown men get no advantage on their radiation saves, nor do they become more potent sacrifices as they age. Stranger still, they gain an advantage on all rolls to use space alien technology. Tech that rejects or even kill other men works perfectly in their hands, and robots instinctively protect brown men 2 out of 6 times.

Dolm Men

Dolm men possess a second stomach, which can hold up to 1 liter comfortably and 4 when painfully full.  While it digests nothing, anything a dolm man swallows can be redirected to it instead. They can effortless regurgitate the contents of either stomach.

Green Men

When seized by fury green men can cause their muscles to swell, gaining STR 20 for up to their CON rounds. While in this state they can jump fifty feet vertically or horizontally. Afterwards they must spend an equal time panting in anger and exhaustion, incapable of moving or even basic self-defense.

Jale Men

When within 30' of an eldritch beast a jale man's body rips out a single HD of the monster's soul. Within their breast begins the beating of a second heart. The jale man may regain 1d6 HP by absorbing that soul shard, their second heart now still once more. While it beats every week comes a new nightmare. Each teaches another ritual pertaining to the beast within their bosom, until the jale man knows them all.

Orange Men

Orange men spit a potent corrosive. This pale amber liquid rapidly erodes metal, scars flesh, and blinds eyes. While their own skin is immune to it, their eyes are not. Orange men have very clean teeth.

A single dose of venom builds up naturally after a full night of sleep. Spiting it deals 1d4 acid damage. Making more is hard work on the body: the glands can be refilled by spending a single hit point.

Purple Men

A purple man can repeat, as a perfect recreation, any phrase he can remember hearing. Unfortunately, this mimicry allows for no improvisation. So keen are their powers of detection that they cannot be surprised by anything that makes sound.

Red Men

The blood of red men courses with a strange and alien vitality: they gain advantage on all tasks of endurance. On taking damage the red man's blood literally escapes his veins, his lost HP turning into a skittering thing. These blood monsters have AC 20 - HP, and their claws inflict 1dHP damage upon your foes, absorbing the blood from any wounds they deal. It has a 1 in 6 chance of turning on you, and a 4 in 6 chance of being absorbed into the ground after combat.

Ulfire Men

Ulfire men can track a target by scent. It becomes an obsession; until they find and taste their quarry, they cannot regain sanity. By eating a brain, an ulfire man experiences it's most recent memories, and gains 100 XP for every HD it had above his own.

White Men

White men are immune to ingested, injected and inhaled poisons, finding them delicious. Each consumed dose makes eating their flesh inflict 1 more damage, and creates gasoline stains upon their skin. The color is determined by the poison consumed.

All animals shun the poisoned flesh of white men. No mount will carry them and no predator will hunt them. Wild animals avoid them, attacking only if pursued. Domesticated animals may tolerate their presence, but never their touch.

Yellow Men

Yellow men need not sleep. Willingly or when mortally wounded, yellow men enter a state of torpor; within they cannot succumb to their wounds and do not age, and need neither air nor sustenance. While in this state they may enter the dreams of any man they've met.

When the hill clans attack!

Weirdly colored, strange technology, total jerk: the perfect Carcosan. 

I love this picture. This is my Carcosa.
The green man = hulk joke is mandatory.
A white man who has clearly gone overboard with eating poison. 
An enigmatic dolm man. Who knows what strange substance he'll vomit forth?
Feeling bad ass since he cannot die. Barring decapitation of course.

I don't want to play in any Carcosa that doesn't include Skeletor.

The Joke

What has two hearts, two stomachs, three lungs, steel bones, and super strength?

What kind of creature can spit acid, see in low light, filter out white noise, hunt by scent and learn by eating?

What's immune to poison and radiation and heat and cold? What doesn't sleep or bleed? What if wounded needs not die, and what is covered in neural connections, able to interface directly with technology?

Well, I can give you a hint:

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